The influence that an aggressive naturalized species gives

I am doing it various problems with the foreign uncooked food occur in all parts of the world and become the problem of the foreign uncooked food is in a very serious state in Japan.

I repeat that the ecosystem eats for a long period and is eaten.

It is established by the cause of delicate balance.

There is the case when a naturalized species invades it from the outdoors, as well as ecosystem, adverse effects occur until a human being and the agriculture and forestry marine products industry widely.

All naturalized species are not bad, and balance of nature will be incorporated, and there is the creature adapting to without having a big influence.

However, I do it among them
the creature which very big influence produces exists. 

Impact on Ecosystem I eat a convention creature (the creature which originally inhabits Japan) and am robbed of a home and bait.

・I make a creature and the child of close relations.

・A crossing does closely related convention biology and makes a mongrel.

   (Examples of influential organisms: Uchida crayfish, rhesus monkey, Phyrim mongoose, etc.)

Impact on agriculture,  forestry and fisheries ・There is a creature damaging the field in the foreign uncooked food.

・In addition, I eat the creature which the fishery applies to, and there is a harming creature.

・There is a thing increasing feeding damage eating agriculture and forestry marine products.

   (the example of a creature bringing influence: such as raccoons)

Impact on people ・I am bitten by outpatient department creature having poison, and there is the risk that I am stabbed in.

    (Examples of creatures that have an effect: Red-backed spider, high-winged spider, fire ant, etc.)

Creatures becoming extinct increase now!  

Human activity  
  It is direct influence by the human activity to be the biggest in the factor to decrease of the endangered species.

A purpose by destruction and the commerce of habitation, the locality by the development such as vegetation manipulation and the construction of a road, the river, the capture of the direct individual in the purpose by the appreciation are included in this.

In the kinds of a creature becoming very likely to be the extinction, kind 53%, capture and the collection that it becomes the factor that development decreases go up a factor to decrease and the kind that it is to 18%.

 Reduction of approach to nature
       There is a creature lost in the cause that human pressure for nature decreases adversely.

However, environment suitable for habitation, growth is lost without Mt. village place village being managed under the influence by the change of the industrial structure.

 Effects of exotic organisms  
  It is that native species is robbed of food, a home by a foreign uncooked food that foreign biology is detrimental in particular.

The creature which is an endangered species decreases and thereby has a serious influence.
A lot of endemic species inhabit the island separated in other areas and seas and grow it and it is strong and receives the influence of the foreign creature.

 Impact of changes in the global environment  
  The change of the global environment by the global warming,

I may have a serious influence on habitation, the growth environment of our living and creature.

The possibility that an area suitable for habitation, growth decreases nationwide has it pointed out by there being a report that a climatic zone goes north 4-5km a year when mean temperature of the earth rises 3-4 degrees Celsius in Japan by 2100, and having done it this way.

 Endangered species graph Decrease in endangered species factor graph 
Materials prepared by the Ministry of the Environment “Mamorou Japanese creatures What we can do”
Reprinted “Endangered Species Graph” and “Endangered Species Decrease Factors”.