The problem with invasive alien species is that living organisms that did not originally exist in Japan can live and harm the environment and people.
Recently, Fire ants originating from the continent of South America have been brought to Japan in imported containers.
Fire ants are poisonous, dangerous ants that can paralyze nerves when stabbed by people, and in the worst cases can lead to death.
Fire ants has not yet settled in Japan, so we need to take measures now.
Also, Black bass and Bluegill supplement freshwater fish fry, destroying the ecosystem of ponds and rivers.
Raccoons that have been raised as pets have become wild, and damage to the crops has also occurred.
Not only animals, but also some plants such as Black-tailed millet can destroy the Japanese ecosystem.
We looked at these invasive alien species and decided what we could do.
In this site, we investigated "Effects on the environment", "Effects on agriculture and fisheries", and "Effects on people".
Finally, I thought about what we could do.
We hope everyone can learn about this issue and protect the creatures in Japan.

What are invasive alien species?  ・・・・・What kind of creature is an invasive alien species?
Three effects of invasive alien species
・・・・・What are the effects of alien species?
     ① Effects on the environment    
     ② Effects on agriculture and fisheries
     ③ Effects on people      
Alien biological method 
・・・・・What are the Japanese laws and regulations regarding alien species? 
Measures to invasive alien species
・・・・・What measures are being taken in Japan today to control invasive alien species?
What we can do
・・・・・What can each of us do for invasive alien species?