What we thought        

A's thoughts
■I want to do the use of the insecticide or the extermination to report it to the government office, and to reduce the setting of the trap, the number of the outpatient department creature and to strengthen an approach when I discovered a foreign uncooked food.

■It is important which "
I do not put it" three principles of the foreign uncooked food that which "I do not throw it away" protects a rule of "I do not open it".

In addition,it is important to prohibit such as breeding and cultivation in the town an organism that has been designated to a specific foreign organisms,to valuable town and prefecture,the Japan of the natural environment.Then,foreign organisms is also I think that we need vigilance from now because one after another still.

■In Chiba that brought damage by the natural disaster caused by the typhoon, ran away from the zoo in this area recently
the kind of the deer called the outpatient department creature Reeves's muntjac exists; do, it now give harm to life of Chiba.

■As for the cause that gained foreign biology, not only the outpatient department creature but also the human being wants you to know the bad thing to be in a human being.
 B's thought

■I want you to reduce outpatient department creature sold in pet shops.
Even if I sell alien organisms at a pet shop, I don't buy them.

In our town, there are dangerous alien species such as jumbo snails and red spider spiders, so if you find them you need to let them know and get rid of them.

■I get rid if I see dangerous outpatient department biology and want you to reduce dangerous outpatient department creature.
C's thought
I want to know the regulation of exotic organisms under the Alien Biology Act.

Raccoons are damaging to agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

There are also many alien organisms that have a
negative impact on people, so various measures are being taken in Japan.

I think it is very important to find and remove them quickly in order to observe the Alien Biology Act and remove the exotic organisms from Japan.

■I follow a rule and three principles of the foreign uncooked food well and want it to reveal that it is important that Japanese nature is threatened under the influence of a foreign uncooked food.

Life of human crime and them that made the cause of the foreign uncooked food
 is responsible to the human being who put foreign biology. originally a human being uses the outpatient department creature which inhabited abroad It is from which gets into baggage and the ship, and sticks to the human being, and entered Japan.

■I am introduced into other areas
outpatient department creature attaches without knowing anything at time when a human being and a thing move by a thing, and there is the risk to cause adverse effects in Japan.

■Because the human being has a crime, I want you to understand
the life of the foreign uncooked food being important.

■I want you to know the naturalized species more to live with a foreign uncooked food.