Measures against invasive alien species

 What kind of measures will be carried out now in Japan to prevent an invasion and the propagation of aggressive naturalized species?

Part1 Invasion prevention measures

   It is measures to prevent invasion itself of the foreign uncooked food.

It is very difficult to prevent the outpatient department creature which has colonized.

  When foreign biology has become available, I find it out early, and what I prevent before a foreign creature opens is important at all. 

Part2 Measures against alien species that have already become established

  Capture, the capturing and killing with the trap (I use it mainly on a basket trap and set it) are carried out.

  In addition, of the medicine use, the introduction of the natural enemy are carried out (insecticide, weed killer), too.

  It is investigated development and the habits of an action and the trap to reduce the number of foreign uncooked foods, and measures are performed.

Three principles for prevention of foreign organisms

I propose 3 following principles to prevent the damage due to the naturalized species in Ministry of the Environment. We want to keep it in mind by all means, too.

Don't Enter It is a thing with a foreign uncooked food with the possibility that adverse effects occur I do not put it.
the outpatient department creature which adverse effects such as the ecosystem may produce is thoughtless, and it is non-important, I do not put it in natural distribution level.  

Don't throw  What I do it I manage breeding and the outpatient department creature cultivating well and do not abandon.
Have already entered the non-natural distribution area when there is outpatient department creature breeding, I do not send it to the outdoors, and it is necessary not to throw away to save it.

Don't Expand  What I do not widen anymore in in outpatient department creatures occurring in the outdoors other areas.  
It is important, I do not open it when outpatient department creature propagates than at least it.