What are invasive alien species?

Though originally there was not it in Japan, the naturalized species is a creature intentionally or non-intentionally brought into Japan from the foreign countries by human activity.

I am called originally as for the creature which there is in Japan native species.

It is brought in by an airplane and a ship by the foreign country, and a creature colonizes as a naturalized species and originally affects the creature which there was in Japan.
I am said to be
the number of naturalized species existing in the outdoors of Japan exceeds 2,000 kinds just to become clear.

The activity by various human beings adversely affects Japanese natural environments, and it is a naturalized species that become the problem particularly very much.

 Dangerous alien species

Here, I introduce eight really dangerous outpatient department creatures in foreign creatures inhabiting Japan now.

Raccoon Fire ant Latrodectus hasseltii Snapping turtle
Alligator snapping turtle Protobothrops mucrosquamatus Atractosteus spatula  Pomacea canaliculata


Originally the raccoons inhabit North America and it is pretty and resembles a raccoon dog closely visually.
It is
as for the character, ferocious as for having a serious injury when it is bitten a raccoon, and there is it.
It is nocturnal, but I may be active in the day, and a lot of information such as
propagative power is strong, and damage is given to farm products and the house occurs.
The total damage is beyond more than approximately 300 million yen in the whole country, and anything may eat the food by a sloppy meal.
It is appointed in a specific foreign uncooked food and is forbidden keeping a raccoon now.
intelligence is very high in the raccoon even a thing is known.
The attention including damage and the attack of the raccoon will be necessary from now on.

 Fire ant

The fire ant's place of origin is central South America, characterized by its aggressiveness and extremely high toxicity.
In Japan, a lot of fire ants have been confirmed in the container luggage in 2017.
Each person has a different response to fire ant poison.
Symptoms that appear in all people
burning and itching.

Also, people who have allergies such as fire ants are at risk of developing hives and dyspnea.

Symptoms such as breathing difficulty the possibility of anaphylaxis, an allergic reaction increases.
In that case, there is a risk of being fatal if not treated quickly.
Since eradication is extremely difficult when tokens are propagated, monitoring is being conducted in Japan to reduce the invasion of fire ants.


 Latrodectus hasseltii
Red-eyed spiders are from Australia and have been found almost everywhere in Mie Prefecture.

Men and women have different appearances and have
only toxic women have friendly characters strong poison.
Causes pain and swelling and sometimes at risk of becoming severe.
Symptoms such as nausea and abdominal pain may occur.
If you find a red spider without touching it with your bare hands, spraying an insecticide is effective.
There are also physical methods such as crushing with your feet.
If you find it, you must contact the city hall, government office, health center, etc.

 Snapping turtle

Snail turtles originally inhabit North America to Central America.
It is omnivorous and eats anything such as dead bodies of insects, shellfish, fish and birds.
It has a high breeding capacity and can lay 20-30 eggs at a time, and more than 100 eggs at a time.
The character of the snapping turtle is timid and will not attack from the back, but
the biting power is very strong.
On land, stretch your neck
bite anything living in front of you
If you put out a little bit, you may bite with an agile movement that you would never expect.
If you find it, you must be careful not to approach it.
In the unlikely event that you are bitten by a snapping turtle, forcibly pulling it may tear the meat.
In that case
the risk of becoming an infectious disease, you must always visit a hospital.

Alligator snapping turtle

Alligator turtles originally inhabit the North American continent and become difficult to breed as they grow gradually. It is now abandoned due to abandonment and becoming wild.
Alligator turtles are characterized by their heads and their jaws are very strong, and they can be easily bitten off by human fingers.
The biting strength is about 300kg or more, and other turtles and shellfish can be easily chewed and eaten.
Alligator eaters are omnivorous and eat anything like fish, mammals and fruits.
Alligator turtles are unlikely to bite if they live normally.
However, if you take a little bit from a human, you may be bitten at a surprising speed.
If you find it, you must stay away
report to the police.

 Protobothrops mucrosquamatus

 The Thai One Hub originally lives in Southeast Asia and Taiwan as the name suggests.
It often occurs in Okinawa now.
There is concern about the impact on native species because it is nocturnal and prey on birds and mammals.
It is the same genus as a hub friend who is also a native species, and there is a possibility of crossing.
In Okinawa, there is also a bite damage caused by the Thai One Hub, and the distribution is still expanding one after another.
There is still this
if the distribution continues to expand, there is a risk of invasion of rare species inhabitants, so you have to be wary.

 Atractosteus spatula

Crocodiles are originally freshwater fish and inhabit habitats in countries such as the southwestern United States and Mexico.
Food crocodile gar food is animal food, adult fish eat fish and rarely eat turtles.
Specified as a specific alien species since 2018 In principle, breeding, transport, and illegal sales are prohibited. There are rumors that Alligator Gar has sharp teeth, hard and strong skeletons, and hard scales that attack people from a big figure.
There have been no reports of attacks on humans originating in ashi, but there are many cases of injury when fishing.


At present, Sukurimingai is a problem in our town!
Pomacea canaliculata

Sukurimingai, a large freshwater snail from South America. It was introduced to Japan for edible purposes in the 1980s.
imports were banned due to the start of injuring rice plants by the wild squirrel mussels.
Since then,
the aquaculture industry has been abandoned, and a large amount of scallop apple mussels were thrown away and escaped to become wild.
Wild skeletal mussels increased and expanded their habitat.
And in Kyushu, Shikoku and the Pacific side of Honshu, etc., there are many food damages in crops such as paddy rice in warm regions.
Even now, the distribution continues to expand, which is a big problem.
 Sukurigingai l
ays a pink egg lump on plants and waterway walls.
One egg lump contains 200 to 300 eggs, and the interval between eggs is very short, about 10 days.
For this reason,
it has a very strong fertility, there is a risk of infection with parasites, and it contains poisons.
If you find an egg in a paddy field, do not touch it with your bare hands and put it in the water with the stems and leaves of the plant to which the egg is attached before hatching.
If an egg is whitish, it will hatch even if you put it in water, so let's smash it as it is.

Sukuringa Guy's Egg
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